Reading material at Spas

Recently, I took myself to Bliss Spa in Soho.  I had the carrot sesame body wrap.  It was melodious.  In the lounge area, there were snacks, tea, water, and magazines to read.

As I looked at my selections, I thought, “Really?  This is what women who take themselves to a spa read?”  The magazines available for consumption were: Elle, Vanity Fair, Ok!, Vogue, Us Weekly, and random art books.  Well, at least that’s what the big nondescript textbooks looked like.

I don’t read or subscribe to any of those magazines therefore, I had limited selections to entertain myself for while.  I started wondering why the spa wouldn’t include magazines like The New Yorker, Harper’s, or something else.  I finally settled on Vanity Fair.  After turning the many print ads for perfume, I surprisingly read a wonderful profile on John Hughes in which the author interviewed his sons.

The article mentioned how John Hughes wrote ferociously and incessantly, keeping notebooks with his writings which ranged from sketches to stories.  There was a picture in the article that displayed his over 400 notebooks he’d filled up with his musings and creativity.  The article reminded me why I write and why writing is important to me.  I write because I have to!

After I had the initial judgment of why the spa has magazines like Vanity Fair, I see that its a magazine that does include interesting articles like the one I read about John Hughes.  I may not subscribe to Vanity Fair but if I ever come across one at a dentist’s office or a spa, I’ll definitely check it out for any interesting articles.


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