Why’s it taking so long?

One of my classmates in my memoir writing class shared with us that she was accepted to the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa.  I was so happy for her and impressed; Iowa is one of the best schools one can get accepted to and its a free ride!  She’ll be missing our class next week and possibly the last class because she’ll be visiting Iowa.  How exciting is that?  She also said that because none of her friends are writers, they have no idea how huge this is.  She’ll be getting her MFA from one of the most prestigious writing schools out there.  Pretty frakking kool.

On my front, second week of March and four schools pending without any indication of acceptance or rejection.  When I check the mail everyday, I brace myself for good or bad news.  Once I notice I don’t have mail from a school, I relax.  But I know when I receive a single thin envelope that its totally a rejection.  I’m waiting on Four, for crying out loud!  It’s driving me crazy.  However, I am writing on a more consistent basis, which is wonderful for me.  Which brings me to…

Am I writing in the wrong genre?  I’m enjoying my memoir writing class too much and have had no interest in crafting a fictional piece.  I’m probably feeling this way because I realize that my submission to graduate school wasn’t interesting or insightful which showed.  I was content with the way the piece was written but not the underlying message or the characters.  I didn’t even like my protagonist; I liked the people causing her harm more than the other way around.

Additionally, because I have been journaling for as long as I can remember, writing about my life is effortless.  Every assignment is a breeze; even the piece that I workshopped the first time and this second time around, I felt proud of and I look forward to receiving feedback.  I think getting workshopped is great but sometimes I rely too much on workshopping when I write a piece.  I anticipate some critiques and most aren’t a surprise, which I’m unsure if its a good thing or a bad thing – meaning, I know my writing so well I know the good and the bad things myself.

I can’t front though; workshopping has significantly attributed to me having the knowledge now about my writing and my pattern.  I have to say I have been amazed at how far I have come from my first workshop.

I am patient with the possibility of having a significant other, moving on my own someday, being at my ideal weight, running a marathon but, I’m extremely impatient with this!  I wanna know Now if I’m in or out so I can move on with my life.  I’ll just bury my head in the sand and wait for my frakking letters.  (R.I.P. John Hughes)


One response to “Why’s it taking so long?

  1. Keep the faith! I have friends who did not get into MFA programs in their first or second years of trying.

    Glad you are enjoying the memoir genre.

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