The Infamous Query Spammer

I’m sure most literary agencies know this guy.  At the agency I work for, we recently became privy to this infamous stalker who’s name is Oscar Lee Whitfield.  He put up his own wikipedia page for himself – a link I will not post on this blog.  This man does not understand that the more rejections he receives, the less likely he is to be picked up by an agency.  He is relentless; every day, our inbox reads, “Query #” (we are up to 140) from a different email address but we know its him.  His email is deleted.  The query is always the same and he never rewords the synopsis for his novel.  Once his identity was tweeted a few days ago, he’s become infamous – which only hurts him.  Literary agencies don’t take him seriously and I don’t understand why he doesn’t understand.  If he was rejected by twenty agencies, then, yeah, he should keep going.  But being rejected 6,000 times?  Really?  Still not getting it?  Unsettling.

I will have tenacity once I receive my rejections because let’s face it – as writers, we will be receiving rejections from magazines, schools, agencies, publishing houses – it makes us stronger.  But this is just plain stubborness.  I wonder if anyone has sat down with him, looked at his query, maybe even read his novel and have suggested changes in his novel and letter.  I don’t feel pity for him because he seriously thinks that spamming and emailing queries to every agency daily will change something.  Not likely.

If you are reading this, Oscar, good luck to you.  Maybe you should sit back and rethink your strategy, have someone that doesn’t know you look at your query and novel, and provide constructive feedback.  But I’m only one person.

To everyone else, ya’ll know better.

*Update (8/6/2010): He know has a website. Does he think that will make him more marketable?


6 responses to “The Infamous Query Spammer

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    Ooooooh! Sometimes I feel like Oscar…(but I’m not smart enough to send queries from different e-mail addresses. Now THAT takes extra effort!!!) So sorry if I’ve oversent…I’ve done it in my naivety!

    Lindsey Petersen

    • bkwriter4life

      Oh but I don’t think you’d send the same thing for eight years after 6,000 rejections! That’s just self-torture!

  2. Wow! That’s either true dedication to flogging a dead horse or complete and utter deranged madness! Wonderful! I love mental people! Clearly with each rejection, another shred of this poor bloke’s sanity has been destroyed. I have an image of him rocking backwards and forwards wearing nothing but white pants, hugging himself and thinking he’s Orson Wells. I don’t know why he thinks he’s Orson Wells, he’s clearly bonkers! Nxxx

  3. I don’t know if this is the same guy, but I was talking to another agent, who doesn’t accept e-mail query letters, and she has someone who submits to her the same thing every month. She has written him to let him know she doesn’t do his type of book, but he ignores this and keeps sending. In one of his letters back to her, he stated that what he has written is too important, so she will keep getting it, until she offers to represent him.

    This man has serious problems. Could this be the smae person or could there really be two of them?


    • bkwriter4life

      Kathy – Yes This is the exact same person completely. She is not the only agent who has talked about him. Even on his wikipedia page, he has links to an agent’s blog and some rather person talking about him. He does have serious problems. That’s Totally him. Damn shame.

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