Classical Music

Doing my memoir writing homework took so long the other day for two reasons: I was too distracted and feeling down from receiving the third rejection letter from my MFA schools and because I didn’t have the right music to concentrate to!

I own classical music but I rarely listen to my many compilations…until now.  I normally create a playlist in my iTunes for writing but then I become distracted and sing along to the songs.  Mission, not accomplished. 

I’m glad I have rediscovered my classical music.  While completing my homework for the week, I was in the zone.  I wrote from my soul and heart; all the hurt inside from my adolescence was spewing on the page.  I tried to make the passage less of a hodgepodge of things but I think I want the piece to work that way.  Seems like I’m on my way to writing pieces of my memoir.  I never thought I’d be writing those words…ever!

Classical music is amazing.  Thank goodness I have over ten discs (or more) of different artists.  I can’t wait to rediscover my music and write more!


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