Another Rejection letter

Ouch – this time around it was the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Why did I apply to these schools again and not schools that I knew I’d get into?  I’m crazy!  I applied to amazing schools that are in the top ten.  Each time I receive an email or letter (thin, one sheet), I know its a rejection letter.  It’s making me wonder if I should give up this MFA thing in general; I’m trying not to but “deflation” is the word that’s coming to mind right now.

I keep going back and forth, right?  I’m fine, I’m not fine, I’m fine, I’m not fine.  At the end of the day, I’m ranting here for all the world to share (or not) my pain in this process.  Then I get back into the reality game in which I read and write as usual.  I haven’t been writing though – but I must!  The goal this month is to submit something; I have to write!

I’m not a loser, a phony, a hack, or even lousy; practice makes perfect and I need more practice.  Should start researching low residency options soon!


2 responses to “Another Rejection letter

  1. It sounds cliché and infuriating beyond reason, but rejection is what makes us! The fact that you lurch from fine to less than that shows how much you want this, how much you care about it. So hell Yeah! you should be going for the top schools, if it was something you cared less about then the ‘lesser’ schools would be acceptable. And its good to wallow and rant – it feeds the soul, makes us more ‘interesting’!!

    Don’t take it personally, it’s not you, it’s them yadda-yadda!


  2. bkwriter4life

    So so true! I try not to take it personally but its their loss! Yes!

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