Looking at other MFA options

Although I haven’t officially received notification of rejection, I know its coming.  Therefore, I’m locked on to applying to low residency schools and a few city schools.  I didn’t want the city experience for graduate school but, this time around, I would be open to applying to New School University and Brooklyn College.  These are […]

Library Thing

I discovered this neat website that allows readers to catalogue their books online – like a library!  The website is literally called Library Thing.  The concept is simple – you add your books online that you own are reading, can write a review for it, read reviews, connect with other readers, connect with authors, and […]

Two remaining schools

Last night, I received a rejection email from San Francisco State University.  I would have received this email before but this freak (me) actually misspelled my last name on the damn online application.  I kept receiving emails insisting my application was incomplete, which was untrue.  I got on the horn last week to remedy the […]

Writing Group and things

My memoir writing class is over and I’m going to miss my Tuesdays with my instructor.  However, because the class’s chemistry worked so well, we have decided to create our own writing group which I cannot wait for!  I’ve never been a part of a writing group before so this will be a new thing.  […]

Writer’s Book of Days

I bought this amazing book by Judy Reeves called A Writer’s Book of Days which is like The Artist’s Way for writers.  The chapters contain inspirational quotes and the most salient part of this book?  There’s a writing prompt for each day.  For example, on March 22nd the prompt is: Write about taking the long […]

Three left…

Yesterday afternoon I received a rejection letter from the University of Arizona.  Every time I receive a letter from a school, I assume “rejection.”  But here’s the thing: I’m already past this.  To me, I’ve already been rejected from the rest of the schools (even though one school keeps sending me incomplete application status, its […]