Memoir Writing

While waiting for my “results” from my MFA school choices, I have embarked on a new genre: memoir writing.

I find it comes easier to write about my life than to create a new world.  There is something freeing about writing about one’s self.  Maybe it’s because I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember, this isn’t foreign to me in the least.  What is foreign is trying to write for an audience that can connect to my message and/or content and that is written well.  I guess, kind of like this blog.

The assignments I have every week are great exercises to get me flowing, digging into my life and learning how to show more rather than telling much.

I’m enjoying my writing class very much.  I have not made the time to even touch my genre since my application piece.  I intend on returning to the piece.  This year, the goal is to submit to contests and literary magazines.  What have I got to lose?  I might even receive some feedback!  Well, most likely, no, but it can’t hurt to dream a little? Right?

I look forward to the kind of work that flows out of this class.  It is different than anything I’ve ever had people read from me.


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