The Waiting Game

February has started and will soon end in two weeks which means two things: acceptances and/or rejections.

March and April: Graduate schools have made their decisions by then and will be notifying folks of their status.  Am I nervous?  A little.  I’ve been blogging, writing, talking, and dreaming about this for months now. 

Will I go to San Francisco?  New Mexico?  Texas? Upstate New York? Massachusetts?  Or I could be going nowhere.  Which with the existence of low residency programs makes obtaining an MFA not as unobtainable.  I have choices and its not the end of the world.  Not that it would be if I weren’t accepted at all but there are other avenues to receive higher education.  I guess I want the MFA for the experience, for the study of the craft in close quarters with folks who love writing as much as I do, and so I can have another degree because I can.  Think about it.  How many years ago were women not even allowed to enroll in university?  The first college women were allowed to attend was in 1833 at Oberlin College in Ohio.  If I have the opportunity to keep going, why not?

In the meantime, I have a memoir writing class I’m taking at Gotham until March 23rd (a day after my birthday!).  Nothing like a class not in your genre to keep you busy.

I’m enjoying the class; the folks are on time and always prepared.  Great feedback and kool instructor.  Maybe I’ll write myself a memoir!  But I’ll always be a lover of fiction fo’ life.


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