The end of applications

I finally sent out all of my applications for graduate school on Wednesday night.  I spent the whole day editing personal statements.  I sent some to a peer and a former teacher.  I was able to bang them all out in four hours.  The last hour was stuffing envelopes, printing out statements, and making sure everything was correct.

After I dropped off those applications, I felt free and ready to celebrate.  Celebrate what, you ask?  The end of applications!  It’s the end of a stressful year full of decisions, the GRE, and writing for a group of folks that may hate my writing style.  Very harrowing experience.

What can I take out of this? I learned I can do anything I want to do and that even when I feel smothered and beat down into the ground, I pick myself up off the ground and keep walking.  Nothing can stop me.  Even when I’m not in the best mood, I move forward; I accelerate.

I look forward to what the next year will bring and what kind of writing I’ll be doing!

Next up, a two week vacation to the Caribbean.  Pretty nice for an unemployed gal like myself, right?  What a wonderful way to celebrate.


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