Sample Personal Statement

If I could write completely colloquial, this is how it’d look like:

My personal goals for writing are that I write because I have to.  Why I want to pursue a graduate degree is because I can.  Not good enough huh?  Seriously speaking, I think that the best place to learn the tools about writing is in school.  I’m a conventionalist in that I work better when I’m in the school setting, which is the only reason that I want to attend graduate school.  Granted, I can’t really tell you that because then you really won’t accept me.  How did I get to this place?  I worked in film production for two years and somehow swept my writing under the carpet.  Writing was a hobby for me.  Then I read Julia Cameron’s the Artist’s Way and my whole outlook changed.  I don’t believe in writer’s block anymore, I write everyday, I write my dreams down for story ideas, I write down everything I do everyday, and I write myself little mini film reviews.  I’m always writing and I can’t stop it with or without a degree.  What I do want to gain from a graduate program is a community and environment of writers that will expose me to genres and writing styles I’ve never explored; be surrounded by peers who are in the same boat as I am.  After editing my manuscript for this application, I fully realized why I want to attend graduate school: I want to touch somebody somehow.  There’s so much to write about, so much to unearth, so many stories to tell that not to have the best tools and support would be negligible of my craft and me.  I can always do this myself but its not the same.  I want you – do you want me?

I wonder what program would accept me with this…These personal statements will be the end of me!


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