NaNoWriMo and applications

How am I doing this?  I just reached 30K last night (behind by at least 7K to complete my goal) and I haven’t written a solid personal statement for my applications.  And on top of that, I haven’t received two of my recommenders letters.  I should have just had them send their recommendations directly to the schools.  I’m freaking out a little bit but those recommendations aren’t a Huge deal anyway.  If worse comes to worse, they’ll receive all my materials with one recommendation (or two) and then I’ll fedex the last one to them.  Well, some of them only want two anyway.

The greatest thing about the writing month is that I feel solidarity with my fellow writers cranking out that word count every day.  I know I could sit down and write 10K if I wanted, but I do other things.  I like spacing things out.  Unfortunately, tonight I did not write but I’ll make it up to myself tomorrow.  It’s all about completion.

It’s getting down to the wire.  My last week.  I have personal statements, another looksee at my manuscript and then I’m done!  Not to mention I have an interview for a publishing company (super exciting!) early in the week.

Good things happening all around.  I’ll be glad when this process is all over and I’m relaxing in San Francisco!

I’m off like a dirty shirt! 😛


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