Hitting the 25K mark

I’m halfway there.  I am up to 27K in NaNoWriMo and it feels so good!  But I’m also behind.  I’m sure I’ll be able to make it 35K by this weekend. Two or three hours of straight writing will help me bang it out.

I find that listening to artists like Bishop Allen, The Beatles, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, Owl City, and the Postal Service provides with me the focus I need to really immerse myself into my characters and story.

Right now, my protagonist is sitting in a jail cell awaiting her sentence: will she plead insanity or guilty to committing the murders of unsuspecting men via poison?  She’s thinking about it and I’ve already decided on one side but with a novel like this, I find myself doing something unplanned seventy five percent of the time.  I love this exercise in writing because it has me writing every single day, all the time.  I’m writing right now and I’m not sick of it.

I’ll have an entry ready when I hit 35K.  Hopefully, it’ll be this weekend.  Even though I’m doing MFA applications and I could set this aside for awhile, I know I won’t finish.  I’m dedicated to writing 4K a day.  2K is not going to cut it anymore, especially since I’m behind by a few thousand words.  I want to be ahead of the game!

I also need a good case of R&R so off I go to watch The Chipmunk Adventure.  I love this movie to death! 


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