Sackett Street Writer’s Workshop

Because my application deadlines are approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to enroll myself in another writing workshop. 

My first experience with the Sacket Street Writer’s Workshop was pleasant and constructive the first time around so why not go with what works?

The location of the instructor is in Bushwick – which being a native Williamsburger I had never visited before.  The residence is quaint and just right.

Our discussions, especially the fact that we have to bring in written critiques, are productive and extremely useful. I can’t say I’ve had the same attention in a fiction Gotham workshop.

I am in the throes of revising my portfolio piece and have since been critiqued once.  I find the whole process so harrowing which makes me apprehensive and anxious.  Is my writing even good enough for myself?  I know my passion is writing and its not something I’ll ever give up if I am rejected from my schools. 

If anything, this process is an excellent exercise in revision.  This manuscript has been revised four times now.  And I only have two more weeks to work on this and work on personal statements which I really have not. 

I’m screwed.  But with the calmness I had throughout the GRE process, I’ll make use of the time I have and make it happen.  Being frantic doesn’t work for me and I’m not going to start!

Revising, revising, revising.  Ack!


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