Literary Agencies

About five years ago, I had an internship at a very boutique literary agency.  I learned the ins and outs of the publishing industry in a short nine months.  The internship was a crash course in the nitty gritty of what authors endure to be published: sending query letters, receiving rejection letters, receiving submission requests, […]

That deadline is steadily approaching

I just had my last writing workshop of the year, which was amazing.  They provided me with exceptionally useful feedback for my MFA manuscript.  I feel confident about my manuscript as opposed to before.  I spent a great amount of time on this story (which is my newest piece of fiction this year apart from […]

The many nuances of the application process

Can someone make this process into a science?  The constant double checking of materials is never ending and the personal statements are all over the place.  Why can’t graduate schools use the common application the way it was for some undergraduate applications? I thought to myself, “Why is this so frakking stressful?  I didn’t do […]

National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo is underway and I’m doing it for the second year in a row.  Last year, because I started two weeks into November, I wrote 5,000 words a day.  Although I did complete my novel, I did get sick due to lack of sleep and exhaustion. This year, I am committed to writing 2,000 words […]