Last CAT Practice Test

I took my last CAT GRE test on the Princeton Review website and I am very relaxed about the whole thing.

My math score went up by 100 points which means I just need to pace myself and really do the problems.  What is interesting to observe is how my score changes based on my mood that day, any distractions I may have, and if I’m really doing the math problems and not just guessing.  When I do the work, I get more answers correct! 

As for my verbal score, its at a solid 450 – which kinda sucks – because it means that no matter what, that’s what I’m getting.  I have been working on vocabulary but I think what’s getting me is the sentence completion and the antonyms.  If I am more attentive to those, then I’ll be more likely to receive a higher score than before.

Overall, I’m looking forward to taking the test this Friday afternoon and getting back to my regularly scheduled life.  Because then I have applications to begin and personal statements to edit.  Yay.


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