Third Practice CAT Test

Took a third practice CAT test and my scores were not as high as the second CAT test.  The good thing about this outcome is I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how to tackle them. 

As always, I’m not a math whiz so my math score dropped about 100 points but it’s because I got the first two questions wrong and was sporadic in right answers.  My verbal is steady but not up to 500 which is annoying to me.  Only one school would prefer if I received a 550 on my verbal.  Luckily, the others just want the scores but are not too serious about it. 

How did I feel after this third test?  Nonchalant and nonplussed.  Whatever I know now, I know.  Whatever I don’t know, I’m not going to suddenly learn in four days.  I’m not stressing this test anymore.  I’m just going to keep practicing at a steady and calm pace.  I’m sure my score would be better with a course but my financial limitations didn’t give me a choice in that matter.

Overall, I’ve done well for myself.  I’ve taught myself.  I’ve studied diligently.  I’ve ignored opportunities to hang out with friends.  But after it’s done, I will feel very accomplished and extra proud of myself because I did it on my own.  I will also party because I deserve it!

Soon, I’ll be taking the last CAT practice test.  I should study for that test like its The real thing.  Then maybe my score will be higher. 

Until next time!


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