The Final Countdown…

Studying for the GRE was at times grueling, frustrating, and downright demeaning.  Why should I have to subject myself to take this gosh forsaken standardized test for school?  But alas, some of my choices do require it so I registered for the freaking thing.

With the date steadily approaching, I am much more calm, cool, and collected than I have ever been for a test.  I have been taking more practice tests and studying my vocabulary.  I have been stuck at the Procrastination Station a few times but once I got on the Productivity Line, I did not stop until I was done. 

I also allow myself some joy by studying and relaxing with mindless TV or socializing.  Social interaction gives me the balance to be solitary for 5 –6 hours and then talk to a person about anything but the GRE. 

There’s something almost soothing about taking this test and then dropping it like it’s hot.  I won’t have to take another standardized test again in my life (unless I want to get my MBA but I highly doubt it)! I’ll be focusing on my writing and reading.  Granted, there will be other things that will need my attention (financial aid, housing and whatnot) but the essential reason I’m attending graduate school will be my focus. 

I will be elated once I have taken this test.  I know when I walk in there, I will be aplomb with confidence and the ability to take on the GRE.

Until then, its all about vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary and some practice tests in between.


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