I just sent off recommendation forms that will come back to me prior to sending out my applications. 

As I sent off these envelopes with forms and stamps, it became concrete.  I’m actually applying to graduate school.  This is Real.  It’s happening.  I may not get in (I am being realistic) but I’m doing this!  Just stuffing those two envelopes to make everything as perfect as possible took almost three hours.  I got it right and its done. 

The most harrowing part of this experience is that my third recommender is M.I.A.  When is a good time to renege on my request and ask someone else?  And I don’t even need three recommendations for them all.  I’m not asking my third to send me nine envelopes.  Some of these specifically ask for Two.  I’m undecided but I’ll give this person one more day (it’s been a week now) and then ask someone else. 

Maybe I’m being too pushy but I have to be direct and assertive to make these things happen.  I treat everyone more or less the same: either I put everything on a platter or I only give you a platter.  If this person cannot handle it, why wouldn’t this person decline?  It’s okay to say no. 

Other than that, that part is done.  Applications online and on paper will be fun.  Not.


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