Publishing folks and things

I know I’m a writer and I’ll always be a writer but…I do not want to starve.  Therefore, I have been researching the publishing industry by having informational interviews (one which I will share) and attending networking events (The NYC Women in Publishing Happy Hour).  I also have a career counselor which is helping me with this career transition from film production to my passion, writing.

I know I don’t have to be in publishing to be a writer neither have an MFA degree.  But like I mentioned before, eating is nice.

So it began – I attended the networking event and met a very nice Keri Witman who created the happy hour last year.  It has since grown to include many women in publishing to meet and network.  There is also a yahoo group in which there is correspondence about jobs as well as contacts in different publishing houses.  I sent out an email to speak to someone at John Wiley and Sons – a publishing house that puts out books on medicine, business and also the Dummies books, Frommers (travel guides), cookbooks, and Weight Watchers cookbooks.  I received an email from the senior editor at Frommers who agreed to answer questions I had about the publishing industry.

I traveled to Hoboken, NJ for the informational interview at the corporate headquarters.  She was friendly, helpful, and also receptive to my situation.  She suggested I take entry level jobs doing editorial work because guess what?  If you want to be an editorial assistant with absolutely No editing experience, no one will hire you.  Those are the cold facts.  Ouch. It burned because I know I can work in the editorial department but I have no professional experience.  She also mentioned I should do some fact-checking and freelance editing work to hype up my resume.  I took this advice, thanked her for her time and trekked back home to Brooklyn.

Which brings me to – my writing.  I can’t let this fall by the wayside.  I had a conversation with my brother about writing versus publishing.  He asked me, “Do you want to be an artist or work in publishing?”  I told him I can do both but then I thought about it.  How serious am I about pursuing a career in publishing?  I know its an industry I would enjoy because I’d constantly be surrounded by words.  But will I get sick of it or become more in Love with words/writing?

After the interview, I worked on my story.  How inspiring is that?  Maybe I can write and work in publishing at the same.  Who knows?

P.S. If you are ever interested in the publishing industry, attend the monthly Women in Publishing event.  The women are nice and very helpful.  Plus, its a happy hour!


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