More GRE practice

On Sunday, I took yet another practice GRE test administered by Kaplan.  The strange thing about this practice test was that it was the exact same test I took the first time around two weeks ago.  At first, I thought it was futile for me to take this exact same test again having known the majority of answers.  But then I thought, just because I took the same test, doesn’t mean I’ll get all of the answers the same.

The math section wasn’t as hard (I have been practicing more math on this free website) as the first time around.  I was much more comfortable plugging in numbers, doing basic arithmetic, as well as algebra.  I felt pretty confident.

When I got my scores back, wow.  My score was closer to 1000 than the first time.  My math score went up 100 points and my verbal went up 150 points.  Granted, I was familiar with the test to begin with but I feel much better about this test now.  I still got some questions wrong from the first time and then I got some answers wrong that I had right the first time, which was weird.  I’d say that I’m on the right track.  If’ I’m consistent for the next three weeks, I’m sure my score will reach a 1000 even if my math only increases by 100 points.

Useful websites for GRE prep: – This website doesn’t have free CAT tests but has a lot of practice questions for both math and verbal.  There is also a great Vocabulary builder section that tests you on word definitions.  Every wrong and right word is stored for you to master as you progress.  Since the verbal section is a lot about vocabulary, this a great way to practice in addition to practice GRE books with their Hit Parade. – This website does have CAT tests but they are not free.  For a small fee of $25 you can take 5 CAT tests and will have a full report about your progress.  If you are serious about the GRE and don’t have the funds for a test prep class, this website is very helpful. – This website includes practice questions which will also complement any test prep you are providing for yourself. – I just found this website that is all about the GRE: tests, practice, and everything in between.  The coolest thing?  It’s totally FREE.  Yes, believe it and check it out for yourself.

Happy studying to my fellow GRE takers!


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