Feeling the Slump

I’m constantly in writing workshops.  I’m constantly looking through my work and revising it.  I receive feedback.  I never take it personal.  I take what makes sense and get rid of the superfluous.  I know this is what a writer has to endure.  Then why am I feeling the slump?  Am I even meant to be a writer?  Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?  Am I even a Good writer?  Will people even read and enjoy my work?  Should I just throw in the towel and go back to film production where I didn’t write a thing?  What is this magic that everyone has that I feel I’m lacking?  I could just be feeling anxious.  Scared.  Even a little defeated.  But this is a good thing, right?  I can Write through this.  I’m sure there’s a point in every writer’s life when he/she is rejected and feels like throwing in the towel.  I’m not ready to give up.  I’m just feeling it because there are so many great writers out there.  But what good will it do me to compare myself to others?  Nothing!!  So screw that.  I’m in for the win.

On to my next story…


One response to “Feeling the Slump

  1. Haha, the classic writer’s thought process. I love how I can read something I’ve written on Thursday and think it’s great, then read the same thing on Friday and think it’s horrible, start to finish. I’m horrible, the inspiration is gone, show’s over, it was a phase, like k’nex, like when I wanted to be an inventor, a salesman, an indy rockstar…

    Truth is, it’s hearing that writer’s write “four hours a day” or something that makes me feel bad. Then I realize that writers who say they write four hours a day are “lying.” More like they doodle and scribble and walk in circles and do the dishes and play with the cat for three hours and seventeen minutes and write for forty three. Or at least I like to think so.

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