GRE testing websites and scholarships

I finished perusing the GRE book I have and now I am committing myself to studying math because I’m terrible at it.  I’m not too scared about taking it and doing horribly but I do want a Decent score.

I got links!

First link:  The Princeton Review website – You should create a usernname and password (totally free) and you can register for a free practice test in your hometown.  It’s neat because you take the CAT test in timed environment so you know how to pace yourself once you take the real thing.  Additionally, there are other strategy free classes you can also register for.  Key word here? FREE!

Second link: The Kaplan Website (same people that also have classes for the SAT and the GRE) – Kaplan also offers free classes and practice tests for the GRE.  I signed up for a Math Boot Camp taking place next week and its free!  It’s really helpful to know there are more resources than just the GRE books available.  Key word again? FREE

Last but not least third link:  Top Grad School website – The website is very helpful for information about graduate schools but also gives prospective students the opportunity to register for a graduate school fair to have some face time with some of the representatives in their school of choice.  A nice perk?  Just by attending the graduate school fair, you are entered in the opportunity to receive a scholarship to your school of choice/acceptance.  It doesn’t hurt so do it! I’m gonna!


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