Monthly Archives: August 2009

Taking the GRE and things

Picked up a GRE book and started reading it diligently.  Got distracted but I am committing to finishing the book by the end of the week.  I forget how standardized tests are all about strategies.  I’m a little scared but at the same time am not, if that makes sense.  I’m not gonna freak out if I don’t get a 1500 on the GRE.  It would be nice to break a 1000.  That would make me happy but if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world either.

At the end of the day, my MFA application will not be completely rejected because my GRE score wasn’t high.  My application is all about my manuscript – the main bulk of it – so I’m not afraid.  I’m actually more petrified about schools and rejection.

I had four schools in California in mind (San Francisco) but my MFA prep teacher (thank you Nancy Rawlinson!) prompted me to look at other programs to apply to.  So now its about exploring further places in the country and making my decision soon so I can hit up my alma mater to get those transcripts!

I’ve read countless accounts of the MFA process on the MFA blog and there isn’t that much anxiety from my end, but there is unease.  What if I apply to twelve schools and get rejected from them all?  Oh the horror.

For now, GRE testing, book, and program researching.  I just want to write.  It’s that so hard to do?


Hello fellow MFA applicants and writers!

I am embarking on this MFA journey filled with application, application fees, a dreaded GRE test and studying, research for programs, personal statement writing, and the manuscript. I am there with all of you!  It’s difficult, exhausting, and sometimes downright annoying.

As a writer, I’m going through different emotions all the time so I’m here to share and commiserate with you as well.

I look forward to being a part of the wonderful writing community I have just become a part of. 🙂 Hi!!